September 2017 - Breach and Attack Simulations made easy.

Move over Alexa, Meet “Violet”: The World’s First Ever Virtual Cybersecurity Professional Built by Threatcare

(Threatcare) The leading provider of cloud-based attack simulation software, today introduced “Violet,” the world’s first Artificial Intelligence-based virtual cybersecurity professional that offers two-way communication for security analysts. Available immediately, Violet is easily accessed through voice, text messages, and Slack to give security teams fast and reliable assistance with finding security gaps in their networks. Similar

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Violet: The World’s First Virtual Cybersecurity Professional

(Threatcare) At Threatcare, we’ve talked to thousands of companies across countless verticals as we’ve worked to develop and refine our sales process — financial services, healthcare, technology, consulting, government. There are a few pain points and frustrations we’ve heard consistently throughout our conversations with cybersecurity experts: (1) there’s currently no reliable way to test security

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