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Threatcare is a 100% cloud-based SaaS platform that allows organizations to better defend against cybersecurity threats by improving vulnerability management and defense capabilities. This is done through continuous passive vulnerability detection, which improves vulnerability discovery, increases the capacity to detect hacker behavior, and allows organizations to identify unsecure devices on their live networks — all without the need to install any source code.

Threatcare was founded in 2014 by CEO Marcus Carey, who has spent more than twenty years helping organizations protect data. He started his career as a Navy Cryptographer, where he worked in signals intelligence, telecommunications, and internetworking. He then went on to work for the NSA, where he engineered, managed, and defended the NSA’s global network infrastructure.

The Threatcare Team

We are here to make cybersecurity transparent while eliminating fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Jennifer Aldoretta

Director of Operations

Marcus J. Carey

Founder, CEO

Sam DeNormandie

Account Executive

Justin Moss

Solutions Engineer

Pasquale Mattozzi

Account Executive

Ife Oyeniyi

Marketing Intern

TJ Oyeniyi

Software Engineer

Robert Willis

Director of Digital Marketing

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