Attack Simulation

Attack Simulation

Despite the fact that firms are increasing their investments in cybersecurity protection for their networks, breaches are still occurring. In response to this, many companies are seeing the value in proactive cyber defense, which is quickly becoming a standard for organizations. One way to bolster defenses is to test current defense-in-depth in real-world conditions through attack simulation; this is where the Threatcare Suite comes in. The Suite has the only cloud-based breach and attack simulation technology (BAS technology) on the market.

It’s important to understand how an attacker could get through existing system defenses. Attackers look for organizational, procedural and technical flaws and weaknesses they can exploit in order to gain access to sensitive data via increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Even if security teams have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the level of threats that could exist against their systems, their software in place (security stack) may not be working without them even knowing it. The only way to test if defenses are working is through an attack simulation.

Organizations will never know how vulnerable they are until their systems are continuously tested. The outcome of an attack simulation will give results highlighting vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. This enables organizations to not just verify if their defenses are working, but helps make their defenses stronger by giving organizations the exact way an attacker can currently penetrate their systems.


Systems can be attacked via worms, viruses, ransomware, and tailored surgical cyber strikes by very skilled attackers. In a complex, ever-changing IT environment where the implementation of new and improved cybersecurity solutions is becoming more expensive and time-consuming, it only makes sense to ensure that the solutions you’re considering are going to be as effective as possible.

Threatcare's attack simulation platform is the only cloud-based tool on the market. Organizations use Threatcare to verify protection while validating security software and practices.

The Threatcare Suite has countless uses, even helping with regulation compliance for various industries, from GDPR cybersecurity compliance to FFIEC compliance.