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Breach and Attack Simulation Animation

Breach and Attack Simulations

Despite the fact that companies are increasing their cybersecurity investments to better protect their networks, breaches still happen. In response, many companies are seeing the value in proactive cyber defense, which is quickly becoming standard practice. One way to bolster defenses is to test current defense-in-depth against real-world attack scenarios using a Breach and Attack Simulation solution. That’s where Threatcare comes in.

Threatcare is the leader in Breach and Attack Simulations, and offers a desktop application that helps test network defenses, even without an internet connection. Threatcare aligns with the MITRE ATT&CK framework to test against known attack vectors. You can also download Threatcare for free.

Understanding an Attacker

It’s important to understand how an attacker can get through existing system defenses. Attackers look for organizational, procedural, and technical flaws to exploit and gain access to sensitive data. And they’re relying on increasingly sophisticated methods to do it. Even if your security team has a comprehensive understanding of the threat level that exists against your systems, your cybersecurity tools (or security stack) may not be working as intended. The only way to test if defenses are working is with Breach and Attack Simulations.

Companies we talk to rarely know how vulnerable they are until their systems are continuously tested. The outcome of a Breach and Attack Simulation provides actionable results highlighting vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. This enables you to verify if your defenses are working. It also strengthens defenses by giving your organization the methods that an attacker can currently penetrate your systems.

How Attacks Happen

Systems are often attacked via worms, viruses, ransomware, and tailored surgical cyber strikes by highly skilled attackers. In an ever-changing IT environment where implementation of new-and-improved cybersecurity solutions is becoming more time-consuming, it only makes sense to ensure that the solutions you’re considering are as effective as possible.

Threatcare’s Breach and Attack Simulation tool is the only desktop application on the market. Our customers use Threatcare to verify protection while validating security software and practices.

Threatcare has countless uses, even helping with regulation compliance for various industries, like GDPR cybersecurity compliance and FFIEC compliance.

Breach and Attack Simulation to Prevent Attacks

Breach and Attack Simulations simulate the most common cybercriminal attacks and tactics to extract sensitive information. Threatcare, uniquely, generates benign information and tries to pass that from endpoint to endpoint or even outside of your network. From there, Threatcare generates a detailed remediation or executive level report. These guide you to network fixes and give you a real-time overview of your network.

Threatcare realizes that the tactics of cybercriminals change rapidly and that is exactly why we have partnered with MITRE to map to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Simulating the most common attacks lets you know your network is prepared to defend against real attacks.

Threatcare creates Breach and Attack Simulation software for humans.