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Breach and Attack Simulations for CISOs

Breach and Attack Simulations CISO

So you’re the new CISO at your company.

Your new team is relying on you to prove their worth to the higher-ups and increase security budgets so that they can continue to keep the company’s information secure. Your executives don’t care how it gets done, they just want to hear you say, “We’re secure!” and they want it done as “fiscally responsible” as possible. Where is the middle ground here?

Breach and Attack Simulations are providing more insight into network security faster than ever before.

We all know that the next big breach could happen at any time. We’re also aware of what a breach could mean to an organization—operating penalties, negative publicity, and customer reparations, to name a few. What we don’t know is how attackers are going to breach our networks.

In an ideal world, security controls would work as advertised, but the reality is far from that. Weekly, daily, and often hourly changes to your network throw all of your network configurations out of whack. In the past, validation of an entire security network took weeks or months and would often be irrelevant due to the changes that would happen during the inspection. Fortunately, automated solutions are changing that.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Through a variety of innovative Breach and Attack Simulation solutions, Threatcare is out to seek an end to security gaps. Threatcare utilizes and maps to the MITRE ATT&CK (Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge) Framework in order to simulate the most common cyber threats directly on your network. This unique technology allows Threatcare to pinpoint exactly where vulnerabilities lie.

Threatcare works directly alongside your team of security professionals by generating actionable reports that guide and support them during remediation. Furthermore, a second set of executive level reports will provide a high-level overview of your network so executives can easily see their organization’s security ROI. All of this becomes possible through Threatcare’s easy, actionable Breach and Attack Simulation solutions.