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Breach and Attack Simulations for Security Analysts

Threatcare Breach and Attack Simulations Security Analyst

Welcome to your role as the first line of defense.

Thousands of credit card numbers, social security information, and health care documents are in your system and you’re responsible for it all. One small vulnerability in your network can expose everything. Scared? You shouldn’t be. Innovations in the cybersecurity space have made it incredibly easy to know whether your network and the information stored within is secure.

Breach and Attack Simulations through Threatcare can simulate, schedule, and synchronize the most common attacks and techniques on your network and provide results in a matter of minutes. Threatcare is unique because it maps directly to 100% of the MITRE ATT&CK (Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge) Framework. Utilize this to test for the most common cyber criminal tactics, or create your own custom techniques within the application that are even more relevant to your organization or industry.

You found a vulnerability. Now what?

By using these techniques, Breach and Attack Simulations can show you exactly where security vulnerabilities lie. Great. Now what? No need to worry, because unlike most, Threatcare can automatically generate remediation reports that provide a step-by-step protocol on how to address these issues. As fast as you found that vulnerability, you can generate an actionable report with recommendations on how to fix it. After that, simply schedule the simulation to run again and validate that the vulnerability is fixed.

Show off your Security ROI.

The most important things for a CISO and the executives of your organization are knowing that information is secure and the potential cost of a breach is less than what is being invested in your cybersecurity program. Threatcare is on your side. Through the unique Threatcare Breach and Attack Simulation platform, you can generate executive-level reports that help you and your CISO visualize the state of your cybersecurity network and justify higher security budgets.