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Breach and Attack Simulations

Breach and Attack Simulations (BAS) are a cornerstone for security practitioners, consultants, analysts, and penetration testers. It is incredibly time-consuming, if not impossible, to truly assess the state of your network controls without running BAS techniques and playbooks. So challenging and time-consuming, in fact, that many security professionals don’t bother to try it. Through continuous Breach and Attack Simulations, however, cybersecurity postures can become more autonomous and consistent.

BAS are an effort to create a proactive and preventative cybersecurity plan. They allow you to obtain a macro view of your network and security controls. Through actionable reporting, Breach and Attack Simulations can show you and your organization where potential threats may be hidden or where security controls can be improved. Where a traditional penetration test fails, a BAS will truly show the health of your cybersecurity controls.

This is exactly how Threatcare can help your organization. With the Threatcare App and Threatcare Agent, you can synchronize and schedule BAS techniques and playbooks, as well as a wide variety of other simulations, that map to the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix and automate your security postures. Check out detailed specifications and benefits on our products page, create an account, and start running Breach and Attack Simulations continuously across all of your networks and endpoints.