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Breach of Security

A breach of security is any instance where there has been unauthorized access to an organization’s data, applications, networks, services and/or devices via the bypassing of established underlying security mechanisms. As further defined by Technopedia, “a security breach occurs when an individual or an application illegitimately enters a private, confidential or unauthorized ID perimeter.” A breach of security can also be called simply a “security breach” or a “security violation.”

Many organizations managing large networks across various industries must abide by specific regulations to minimize the possibility of a breach of security happening to their clients information. Some of these regulations include PCI DSS Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and FFIEC Compliance for financial institutions.

A Breach of security represents one of the earliest stages of a cyber security attack by an intruder with malicious intent. That person can be a hacker, a cracker, a cyber-thief, or someone planting ransomeware or some other malicious application. Breaches of security usually occur when a company’s security policy, procedures and/or systems are violated. Breaches can be the result of months-long, systematic hacking attempts or due to poor cyber security architecture. Depending on the nature of the incident, a breach of security can be assessed as low-risk or extremely critical.

Most organizations monitor their systems for a breach of security. Often these breaches are identified and then mitigated by a system software program or by the installation of a firewall. Should a security breach occur, the firewall will send a warning notification to the network or security administrator.

To stop a breach before it happens, many organizations are practicing proactive cyber defense. Breach and attack simulation software is a necessity for organizations that wish to verify they’re properly protected. Threatcare, the leader in Proactive Data Security, offers the Threatcare Suite. The Suite is an Enterprise SaaS that combines the initiatives of a blue and a red team to act as a virtual purple team. The Threatcare Suite can execute BAS (Breach and Attack Simulations) as well as a wide variety of other simulations to test your defense in depth. Other features include Network Reconnaissance, Web App Testing, and Vulnerability Discovery.

Security breaches most often result in theft of intellectual property and compromise of personal business, financial, and health information. In addition, hackers may steal information in order to impersonate someone else in order to gain even wider access to systems. As an example, a breach of security that results in loss of log-in data, could then lead the hacker to impersonate the network administrator and gain access to entire databases. Data exfiltration is just one of many simulations the Threatcare Suite uses to prepare security for this reason.