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Company Overview:

Threatcare is a cybersecurity company based in Austin, Texas that helps organizations build, measure, and maintain their data security.

Our mission is to eliminate fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and help organizations meet their ever-changing data security needs. We believe that companies shouldn’t have to have a team of cybersecurity experts in order to build secure products and protect customer data from data breaches.

We’re a company committed to diversity, and a few of our core values include transparency, trust, authenticity, respect, humility, and open-mindedness.

We were recently recognized by Talent Desk as one of the Top Start-Ups to work for in the country!
Threatcare Breach and Attack Simulations

We do not currently have any openings.

But you can be ready when we do!

Figuring out how we do what we do is a great start! Download Threatcare for free and become a Breach and Attack Simulation expert!


All Team Members

* Fair pay and a fully transparent, standardized salary formula
* Flexible working hours
* The opportunity to work from home every Friday
* Opportunities for professional growth
* A welcoming, diversity-minded culture

All Full-Time Employees

* Health + Dental insurance
* Health Savings Account (HSA)
* Mental Health Reimbursement
* Stock options
* Unlimited, comprehensive paid time off that includes vacation, sick leave, mental health days, etc.
* 12 weeks paid parental leave for primary caregivers who have been at Threatcare for less than a year; 16 weeks paid parental leave for primary caregivers who have been at Threatcare for more than a year
* 6 weeks paid parental leave for secondary caregivers

We’re passionate about building a diverse and inclusive company, and we’re looking for individuals with a range of backgrounds, interests, talents, and personalities. If some (but not necessarily all) of the below characteristics describe you, you’ll probably thrive and fit in well at Threatcare:

* A deep sense of curiosity about the world around you.
* An innate drive for personal growth (both personally and professionally).
* A willingness to receive and provide constructive feedback and support any feedback you provide with thoughtful opinions and evidence.
* The ability to change directions and priorities quickly, without missing a beat.
* The drive to go above-and-beyond expected duties and responsibilities.

View Threatcare’s Code of Conduct, Diversity & Inclusion Statement, and Statement of Values here: