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Credit Card Exfiltration

If an attacker succeeds in compromising a system that holds sensitive credit card information, they still have to find way to get the data out. Credit card exfiltration refers to how a malicious party extracts sensitive credit card information out of a breached network.

Threatcare provides proactive cyber defense solutions by providing cloud-based simulations, enabling companies to discover if they are at risk. Simulating attacks should be a regular practice at every company — aided by breach and attack simulation (BAS) technologies like the Threatcare Suite.

Detect Credit Card Exfiltration

Credit card exfiltration detection is important for protecting sensitive data. Attackers can compromise your network, obtain sensitive data, and through advanced techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) exfiltrate credit cards by bypassing traditional security tools. The Threatcare Suite helps security teams fine-tune their cybersecurity stack to help prevent this and other threats.

Organizations that transfer sensitive data online need to practice defense-in-depth. Focusing on just securing external-facing networks is not enough. In order to address these threats multiple layers of security controls must be implemented throughout a network, these layers are also known as “defense-in-depth.” Network defense-in-depth alongside continuous monitoring and testing ensures long-term security. Conversely, ignoring important red flags in security will lead to an organization’s loss of data, money, and reputation.

Adversaries can compromise organizations through social engineering attacks like spear phishing. Once the network is penetrated, there needs to be multiple layers of defense to detect and defend against further exploitation. Companies hit by a successful spear phishing attack in the past 12 months suffered an average financial cost of $1.6 million. One in six companies have reported a decrease in stock price as the result of a spear phishing attack, and the problem is only becoming more widespread.

Although user training and external-internal assessments can be effective, they’re aren’t enough to properly protect systems. Without multiple layers of security, if an organization becomes compromised, they will suffer what is called a single point of failure (SPOF) — which is the opposite of defense-in-depth.

Avoid being a victim of credit card data exfiltration by making sure you are properly protected with Threatcare.