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Rotten EGGs Spread Ransomware in S. Korea 🐣

“You open the email, press the link and get that malware into your computer. That adorable emojis may lead to serious headaches.” The scary side of emojis: Hackers love them as much as you do.

It must be nice reading the above article while opening this email, which just so happens to have an emoji at the end of the sentence. I promise there’s no correlation here. 😉

Happy Monday, y’all!


New Router Security Flaw Results in ‘Complete Takeover’

Great. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse with your router’s stinky security and you were resigned to the idea of Russians hacking into it, there’s another embarrassing security flaw that could result in “a complete takeover of your router.”

Rotten EGGs spread ransomware in South Korea

Researchers at Trend Micro report that online criminals are spamming out ransomware to potential victims in South Korea disguised as.… eggs.

Maine College Says Malware May Have Exposed Personal Data

School officials are notifying 42,000 current and former students that certain computers were recently infected with malware and may have been hacked. Officials said the problem could apply to students dating back to 1998, and faculty dating to 2008.

Australia only has 7 percent of the cybersecurity expertise that it needs

The introduction of the notifiable data breaches (NDB) scheme and EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) more than tripled demand for cybersecurity specialists between February and June this year.

Japan to create first regional counter-cyberattack unit in GSDF’s Western Army

The new system protection unit will be the first of its kind in a regional GSDF unit and will be designed to safeguard communications, even when personnel have been deployed on remote islands with no established secure lines.