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Targeted Candidates in 2018 Midterm Elections 🗳

“After repeatedly raising password risks with agencies, it is unacceptable that people are still using Password123 and abcd1234 to access critical agency systems and information.” Want to hack the Western Australia government? Try ‘Password123’

Please, don’t actually try to hack the Western Australia government. Just read today’s brief instead?


These are the 2018 midterm election candidates who have been cyber attacked (so far)

Cyber attacks in the run-up to the November 2018 elections are gaining a spotlight with hackers targeting at least four Democratic candidates running for Congress in the U.S., so far, including two in California.

Russians targeted Senate and conservative think tanks, Microsoft says

Parts of an operation linked to Russian military intelligence targeting the US Senate and conservative think tanks that advocated for tougher policies against Russia were thwarted last week, Microsoft announced early Tuesday.

Inside the British military base where young hackers learn to stop cybercrime

At the heart of a police operation to defend Britain from attack by cybercriminals, a 14-year-old boy was honing his skills to thwart hackers linked to a rogue state.

WordPress redirection campaign uses .js file, fake plug-ins to send victims to scam sites

Sucuri, whose research team observed the scam, reveals in an Aug. 17 blog post that up to 3,000 sites contained the popuplink.js malware at one point.

Real Estate Industry Remains Rich Target for Cybercrime

Trojans, file downloaders, stolen credentials, and BEC scams are hitting the real estate sector. The real estate industry has been a fertile sector for online fraudsters for a decade or more – and recent research says the scams have increased exponentially.