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Hotbed of Risks with 5G Technology 📶

“This initiative will provide state-of-the-art cybersecurity protection at no extra cost to all candidates and campaign offices at the federal, state and local level, as well as think tanks and political organizations we now believe are under attack.” Microsoft Offers Free Cybersecurity Tools to Political Candidates—But You’ve Got to Be a Microsoft Customer.

Let’s launch into Wednesday with today’s daily brief.


Superdrug hack: Data thieves claim to have information on 20,000 customers

The high street chain it had been contacted by someone who claimed that they had obtained the details of approximately 20,000 customers.

St. Lawrence County’s Web Site Hacked

Soper says no personal or sensitive information related to county employees was compromised. The website is run through a third party and the hackers appear to only have user names and passwords related to people who work on the website.

New Zealand to run national cyber security exercise

The island-nation will test the resilience of its critical infrastructure in November 2018, bringing together multiple agencies to protect assets of national significance.

Personal data of 37,000 Eir customers affected in data breach

Eir, one of Ireland’s largest telecoms firms, says an unencrypted laptop was stolen “offsite” on Sunday 12 August. According to the company statement, the computer contained personal details including names, email addresses and customer account numbers.

With 5G, Cybersecurity Researchers See a Hotbed of Security Risks

But where organizations moving toward this tech see ripping-fast internet and endless potential, cybersecurity researchers see a hotbed for a new era of intensified cyber war.