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The Most Malware-Infested City in America 🇺🇸

Google’s Gmail service ignores periods in the address before the In fact, a Google support page states that “dots don’t matter in Gmail addresses.” Make Several Gmail Addresses Out of One.

“If spam or newsletters you never signed up for begin to appear in your inbox, you’ll have an idea where the sender got your modified address.”

Mind = blown.

Democratic National Committee now says hacking attempt was only a test

The Democratic National Committee said Thursday that a thwarted attempt to hack into its voter database was actually a test built by an unnamed third party.

Cheddar’s data breach: About 567,000 payment card numbers may have been exposed

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen has announced a data breach that could affect customers who ate at the restaurant late last year or early this year. Unfortunately, Texas is on the list of affected states.

Adobe Software at Center of Two Vulnerability Disclosures

Newly discovered Photoshop and Ghostscript vulnerabilities allow remote code execution.

This Is the Most Malware-Infested City in America

Atlanta’s malware infection rate was more than 1,000 percent higher than the national average. Next on the list were Orlando, Florida, and Denver, Colorado, (both with infection rates greater than 900 percent above average), followed by St. Louis, Missouri, and Tampa, Florida.

British universities hailed for cybersecurity excellence

These universities are now joining 14 other institutions that collectively form part of the Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy. They can now bid for funding to do research in cybersecurity, including at Doctoral level, as well as attend annual conferences and workshops.