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Millions of Texas Voter Records Exposed 🗳

The browser would play back “a short random code encoded into human speech” when a user attempts to login. Listening Watch: New 2FA mechanism using a wearable and browser speech sounds.

It’s Monday! Let’s launch into today’s daily brief.


Atlas Quantum Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Suffers Data Breach

The stolen data supposedly included customers names, phone numbers, email addresses, and account balances.

Millions of Texas voter records exposed online

The data — a single file containing an estimated 14.8 million records — was left on an unsecured server without a password. Texas has 19.3 million registered voters.

ANU assures data safety after security breach, but expert raises doubts

A cybersecurity expert has doubted advice given to the Australian National University assuring no data was compromised during a prolonged security breach.

New Hampshire working to prevent hacking of election system

Amid concerns about hacking from Russia, Iran, and other countries, New Hampshire plans to spend a quarter of a million dollars in federal grant money on assessing whether its election systems are vulnerable to intruders.

Fortnite fury over how Google handled its huge security hole

Google revealed publicly on Friday that it had discovered that Fortnite’s unorthodox Android installer was vulnerable to being hijacked by other apps, allowing any app on your phone to silently download and install anything they like.