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Codeverse—Building Games & Hacking Lights 🕹

Put simply, email is far less effective than app-based phishing in 2018. WhatsApp: Mobile Phishing’s Newest Attack Target.

Better late than never—finish your day with Tuesday’s daily brief.


Bank of Spain’s website hit by cyber attack

The Bank of Spain’s website has been hit since Sunday by a cyber attack which has temporarily disrupted access to the site, a spokesman for the central bank said on Monday.

Iranian Hackers Target Universities in Global Cyberattack Campaign

Cobalt Dickens threat group is suspected to be behind a large-scale cyberattack wave targeting credentials to access academic resources.

Welcome to Codeverse, where young kids learn to build games and hack light fixtures

Cillian was learning to code. Armed with an iPad and kid-specific coding language, he and the roughly 30 other 6- to 12-year-olds attending camp at Codeverse Lincoln Park last week learned to create games and control the TVs, speakers, and robotic arms in the space.

Springfield cybersecurity company warns of suspicious text

A text message is going around in recent days leading you to compromise your personal information. Experts say it’s just one of many similar efforts by cybersecurity thieves.

Intel Chips Hit with New “Foreshadow” Security Exploit

Researchers have found a new weakness in Intel’s chips that make them vulnerable to hackers and malicious software. The chipmaker announced that it is already deploying a fix.