Data Exfiltration

Exfiltration is the process of data leaving the network manually, or carried out through malicious programming. If an adversary can successfully penetrate networks, data exfiltration can take place, putting our most sensitive and private information in the wrong hands.

Threatcare offers proactive cyber defense through assessment by providing cloud-based hacker simulation, enabling companies to know — without a doubt — if they are at risk. “Perfect practice” using Threatcare trains your security professions to respond to real-world threats as they occur. Data exfiltration can take many forms, and without defense-in-depth practice sensitive information can find its way outside the network.

Medical Record Exfiltration: Medical record exfiltration is a major security issue. The nature of our medical system requires that, at any given time, our medical data can be stored with several different parties: health care providers, insurance providers, and other supporting parties.

Credit Card Exfiltration: Credit card exfiltration detection is important for protecting sensitive data. Attackers can compromise your network, obtain sensitive data and through advanced techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) and exfiltrate credit cards exfiltration bypassing traditional security tools.

SSN Exfiltration: SSN exfiltration should be taken very seriously. Unlike a credit card number, a social security number can’t be changed. The most basic form of identification we have, our social security number is the foundation of many identity verification systems — whether we are transacting with the government or financial institutions. There is personal data that, if compromised, would be inconvenient to recover — data such as subscription information or passwords.

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