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Education Sector Cybersecurity

Proper education sector cybersecurity is non-negotiable in the information age. Educational institutions are a major target for hackers, especially as many continue to shift more of their environment to the internet. Regular vulnerability testing is necessary for colleges, universities, tech schools and primary schools to verify that their cybersecurity is properly in place.

The education industry is the third-most hacked, behind healthcare and retail. The number of incidents in 2015 accounted for 10 percent of all hacking incidents that year. Many schools are not prepared for cyber attacks, despite the fact that they are prime targets.

Threatcare is the leader in proactive cyber defense; their platform allows those in the education sector to make sure they are properly protected from hackers. Threatcare is a powerful name in cybersecurity and has helped countless institutions no longer just “guess” if they are protected.

Education sector cybersecurity is important for learning institutions, especially larger colleges and universities, due to the incredible amount of personal data and expensive research that is stored electronically.

Cyber theft of such important information is not limited to random attacks. It is increasingly being carried out by nation-state actors — hackers working for or on behalf of governments — who have also targeted financial institutions, government agencies, and firms that hold large amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) on perhaps millions of clients and customers.

In recent years officials at Penn State University and the University of Virginia both blamed Chinese hackers for breaches of data. Washington State University and Johns Hopkins University were also targeted by hackers, and the University of Connecticut had student Social Security and credit card numbers hacked.

A recent report noted that enrollment in online learning grew 3-4 percent between 2014 and 2016; by 2017, the online learning industry had marked five straight years of growth. So clearly, more and more people are discovering the ease and convenience of getting their training or degree using the Internet.

An increase in online learning poses new challenges for institutions of higher learning: Cyber crime, which has also been increasing steadily for years, is a major problem that must be adequately dealt with.

The Threatcare Suite can help guide your organization towards compliance, generate policy, and validate your information is secure through browser-based BAS (Breach and Attack Simulations).