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Egress Scan

Procedures such as an egress scan, performed under the radar, can lead to malware infections or command and control (C2) node connections made by remote threat actors. Unsolicited egress traffic is an indicator of compromise (IOC), that suggest an intruder is checking for open random ports to initiate a C2 session or exfiltrate data out of the environment. Protecting our organizations against the next generation of cyberattacks will be critical for businesses and organizations. If focus is on improving our existing safeguards, first responders and computer forensic analyzers can shorten their identification, evaluation, and defense process.   

Detect Egress Scan Traffic

Threatcare brings a proactive approach to cyber defense through cloud-based simulations that help with risk discovery, while validating your risk mitigation techniques. The browser acts as a Threatcare agent on your host. From your browser once you initiate our egress scan simulation, your host tries to establish outbound connections through open ports on your network. Meaning from the browser on your host we create the artifacts on your network. This simulation helps to discover risk for open ports that should be closed while validating egress filtering effectiveness. The benign metadata Threatcare creates in your environment can help serve as a third party validator towards an organizations network’s mitigation controls defense and detection.

Why Detecting An Egress Scan Is Important

Each year new threats arise that’s meant to wreck havoc on our networks and devices.  Which also comes with new opportunities and innovations to protect against malicious actors. Validating efficacy for internal security measures is just as important as protecting your environment from external threats. Identifying egress scan indicators in your environment efficiently, can help minimize false positives and proactively increase your cybersecurity hygiene to prevent threats from causing additional harm. When you know you could have an unknown period of time where you could potentially be unsecure, you welcome liabilities into your organization. Threatcare serves as a safe haven for initiating benign real-world techniques, tactics and procedures (TTP’s). So you can continuously identify, analyze, and respond to indicators such as an egress scan and many more.