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Energy Sector Cybersecurity

U.S. intelligence officials have long been concerned about the security of the country’s electrical grid. Power generation facilities are considered critical infrastructure that enables our way of life. Disruption to production or a compromise of sensitive data could pose safety risks, be massively disruptive to businesses and consumers, and quickly cripple our economy. Due to these reasons, it is mission critical to have powerful energy sector cybersecurity.

Threatcare is the leader in proactive cyber defense. Threatcare enables companies to validate their security, helping organizations in the energy sector no longer just “guess” if they are protected. This is done through the Threatcare Suite, with the only cloud-based BAS technology that performs breach simulations that report if an intrusion is successful. Vulnerability assessments through simulation should be a standard practice for all companies, especially ones in an industry as important as energy.

Critical infrastructure is increasingly controlled by SCADA, or supervisory control and data acquisition systems. They are used by manufacturers, nuclear plant operators, and pipeline operators to monitor variables like pressure and flow rates through pipelines. The software also allows operators to monitor and diagnose unexpected problems. But like any software, SCADA systems are susceptible to hacking and computer viruses. And for years, security specialists have warned that hackers could use remote access to these systems to cause physical destruction.

In today’s highly interconnected world, reliable energy delivery requires cyber-resilient energy delivery systems. Threatcare can help increase that resiliency by providing visibility into where systems might be vulnerable.