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Marcus Carey, Founder & CEO of Threatcare, to Speak at HOU.SEC.CON

Threatcare, creator of Violet, an automated cybersecurity assessment platform, today announces their CEO and Founder, Marcus Carey, will be giving a Wizard of Oz inspired security speech at HOU.SEC.CON in Houston, Texas. The speech is entitled If I Only Had a Brain.

Carey will walk through The Wizard of Oz and the world of Cybersecurity to present the amazing similarities between the movie plot and the plight of Cybersecurity teams. Marcus will discuss artificial intelligence, advanced threats, and incident response.

HOU.SEC.CON has been running since 2010 and has rapidly grown in presence and popularity.

Carey will be speaking during the following time slot:

Wednesday April 4th, 2018
Track 2
Royal Sonesta Houston

Threatcare will also be sponsoring the event, providing lanyards that feature a cryptography challenge.

About Threatcare

Threatcare allows organizations to better defend against cybersecurity threats by improving vulnerability management and defense capabilities. Threatcare offers both product (Violet) and strategic services (penetration tests, incident response).

Threatcare is the creator of Violet, an automated cybersecurity assessment platform that allows security teams, incident responders, and network forensic practitioners to reduce their attack surface by continuously monitoring their cybersecurity posture through continuous penetration testing.

You can learn more about Threatcare at


HOU.SEC.CON is THE Houston Security Conference serving Houston and the surrounding areas. HOU.SEC.CON has been held in Houston since 2010, with a primary mission to offer a high-quality conference with the goal of educating Houstonians (and anyone else who wants to come out) through great information security talks, training, and special attractions.

HOU.SEC.CON is a Texas non-profit corporation and a federal 501c3 charitable organization that is volunteer-led and organized.

You can learn more about HOU.SEC.CON at