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Offensive Cybersecurity

Offensive security uses offensive techniques to prepare systems, networks and individuals to withstand cyber threats by protecting them against potential security risks. Being proactive with cybersecurity is becoming a popular practice across information security, and is causing major transitions in traditional threat and protection strategies. Previously, strategies used across cybersecurity were known to be reactionary but now organizations practice offensive security using the Threatcare Suite. It provides a powerful platform to enable companies to be proactive with their data security. Threatcare is the creator of breach and attack simulations and offers the only cloud-based BAS technology on the market, and is the leader in proactive cyber defense.

For years the cyber attack strategy for hackers and state-sponsored actors was straightforward: Probe IT systems for vulnerabilities and then exploit networks, systems, software and even people in order to gain access and achieve goals (aligned with the attackers’ motivations). Defenders (Blue Teams) worked to close gaps and reduce vulnerabilities, interdict hackers’ exploits, and keep their systems safe and operating smoothly. There was a focus more on looking inward to build the best defenses possible through annual penetration tests, but they aren’t continuous. Hackers have doubled down on their methods of continually looking for the next vulnerability, many times breaking into systems through ways generally overlooked by a penetration tester.

To better fight against attackers, it’s important for organizations to be able to get an attackers view of their organization. Annual penetration tests aren’t continuous, and may not test all the different possible scenarios an attacker could do to compromise a system. Constant threat simulation is the only way to show if an organization is continuously protected. If an organization is not taking advantage of offensive security, they can be taken advantage of.

Implementing offensive security as a means of identifying and denying hackers access to your systems before they can strike is the next phase in the ongoing evolution of protecting your IT assets. Practice offensive security — and be proactive with cyber defense.