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Purple Team

A Purple Team is the collaboration of a cybersecurity Red Team and Blue Team. A Red Team and Blue Team have a symbiotic relationship with each other; when they work together, the skills and processes of both are improved.

Red Teams attempt to bypass security policies while Blue Teams attempt to detect, block, and mitigate the Red Team’s simulated attacks. Each team seeks to push boundaries to mature the security of an organization.

Purple Teaming can be explained as bringing methods from each team together as one. Offensive and defensive teams of cybersecurity professionals working together as a single unit (or purple team) have proven to be very effective in enabling proper collaboration, communication and overall security hygiene.

Threatcare, the leader in Breach and Attack Simulations, offers the Threatcare app. Threatcare is a desktop application that can be downloaded to perform Breach and Attack Simulations, essentially acting as a virtual purple team. Threatcare can execute BAS Breach and Attack Simulations as well as a wide variety of other simulations to test your defense in depth. Download Threatcare for free.

As in color theory, the mixture of both ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ creates ‘Purple,’ which is where the term ‘Purple Team’ comes from.

Purple Team Goals

The easy part of a security professional’s job is purchasing software for their security stack. The hard part is configuring the security stack so the tools in place can actually capture different malicious techniques. Processes can often look effective, but may not actually work in practice. Using the Purple Team approach enables organizations to identify training and coverage gaps in their systems.

Purple Team intrusion techniques are designed to get caught — to test network/host instrumentation. The Purple Team aims to verify that current solutions are able to force response procedures.

Purple Team procedures can present findings and recommendations with real data and facts to prove system administrators concerns. Unified offensive and defensive teams can show upper-level management and key stakeholders why certain security measures are needed. All without experiencing a costly, damaging breach that could hurt an organization’s reputation.

Threatcare creates Breach and Attack Simulation software for humans.