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Red Team Cybersecurity

Red Team cybersecurity professionals exist to challenge assumptions made by other cybersecurity practitioners in regards to their security hygiene. Red Team’s are known to be comprised of technically competent individuals who routinely practice outside-the-box thinking as they orchestrate specific adversarial techniques (and tactics) towards targeted organizations.

Red Team assessments are designed to perform techniques that lead to vulnerabilities, to test if mitigated defenses can detect their presence. A Red Team assessment is just a test; actual exploitation will not occur. This differs from penetration tests, which are done to not just find vulnerabilities within a network (or program) but to actually exploit them.

Threatcare, the leader in Breach and Attack Simulations, offers the Threatcare app. Threatcare is a desktop application that combines the initiatives of a red and a blue team to act as a virtual purple team. Threatcare can execute Breach and Attack Simulations as well as a wide variety of other simulations to test your defense in depth in a benign manner. Download Threatcare for free.

Red Team Goals

Organizations with even the most mature cybersecurity stacks can find value with an external Red Team assessment. A Red Team assessment can enhance an organization’s decision making in terms of incident detection & response (IDR) due to their specified techniques, tactics and procedures (TTP’s) against systems.

Red Teams will compile their findings to present data which can help provide valuable metrics as to what could happen during an actual incident.

Cybersecurity teams work endlessly to stay up to date on the latest zero-day attacks. Red Teamers emulate attackers in the sense that their end goals are all the same, the only thing that changes are their TTP’s.

Red Team’s assess organization’s security policies through different TTP’s to test employee knowledge, awareness, and overall business continuity plan effectiveness. There are always going to be vulnerabilities — which are why zero-day attacks exist. What ultimately matters is preparing an organization to avoid surprise by implementing policies that identify, respond, and mitigate possible attacks.

Threatcare creates Breach and Attack Simulation software for humans.