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Don’t let potential threats disrupt business at hand.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Partnering with the Threatcare Services team helps you build, measure, and maintain a solid cybersecurity foundation to securely scale your business with peace of mind.

Threatcare is your trusted source of Security Gap Analysis, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Secure Code Review, training, and other cybersecurity services that map directly to your organization’s unique needs.

Services Team
Cybersecurity Gap Analysis

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis

Threatcare performs Security Gap Analyses on your organization’s currently existing information security program.

Services - Application Security Assessment

App Security Assessments

Application security assessments can and will combine automated scanning, code review, and a combination of static and dynamic analysis.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments review applications, networks, or other systems for any currently existing security vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing


Threatcare accesses an organizations internal wired and/or wireless networks to ensure that systems are being properly secured. Through our blackbox and whitebox network penetration tests we determine if the network (and visible devices connected to it) are vulnerable to an attack. We then work to see if any of these vulnerabilities will lead to a compromise of sensitive information. Our findings include remediation to help fix the vulnerabilities found, which are included in our final report.

Hardware (Firmware)

Threatcare reviews hardware connected to critical infrastructure and systems. We look for flaws in firmware to determine if there are ways an attacker could compromise systems to ensure that hardware only accesses what it’s supposed to.

Mobile Applications

Threatcare reviews applications to verify if they can be securely used by end-users. We test to make sure that data is transferred in a secure manner and is stored securely on host servers/devices. We offer code review for the applications as well.

Social Engineering

The human is the most difficult asset to secure, but Threatcare helps by providing social engineering campaigns. We emulate what an attacker would do to gain access to an organizations systems. Everything from dumpster diving, to phone scams, and phishing campaigns can be requested within the scope for work.

Services - Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop Exercises

Threatcare creates a Tabletop Exercise, which is used with offensive and defensive strategies to determine escalation workflow between teams and attackers, or vice versa.

Services - API Assessment

API Security Assessments

Threatcare performs a Vulnerability Assessment on API keys utilized by internal and external systems, to ensure they cannot be abused to obtain more sensitive information.

Services - Application Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment

We will test to make sure data is transferred in a secure manner and is stored securely on your host servers/devices.

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Services - Custom Policy Creation

Custom Policy Creation

We can help get you prepared to meet minimum policy requirements before making further changes to any specified standards.

Services - Policy Review

Policy Review

Threatcare reviews existing security-related policies, finds where policies may be lacking, and provides suggestions on improvements.

Services - Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Threatcare creates policies and procedures specifically designed to reduce the aftereffects of a security breach.

Services - Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review

We can point out specific examples in code where there may be potential issues and help secure them before you proceed with business.