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SSN Exfiltration

SSN exfiltration should be taken very seriously. Unlike a credit card number, a social security number can’t be changed. The most basic form of identification we have, our social security number is the foundation of many identity verification systems — whether we are transacting with the government or financial institutions. There is personal data that, if compromised, would be inconvenient to recover — data such as subscription information or passwords. A compromised social security number, however, is devastating on another level.

Threatcare, the leader in proactive cyber defense, offers solutions by providing cloud-based simulations on organizations networks, enabling companies to know if they’re at risk. Hacking simulations should be a regular practice for every company. Threatcare is the only cloud based BAS technology on the market.


SSN exfiltration can take many forms, and without practicing defense-in-depth sensitive information can find its way outside the network. Deceptively worded phishing attacks are a common infiltration technique adversaries use to obtain this and other forms of sensitive data. A common SSN exfiltration scenario entails an adversary targeting unsuspecting users with links to malware. These targeted phishing campaigns allow attackers access to the victim’s network. If an adversary successfully penetrates any part of the network, SSN exfiltration can take place, putting our personally identifiable information (PII) in the wrong hands.

There are dozens of different ways infiltration and exfiltration can take place. Threatcare allows you to practice a range of techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) in order to work toward an effective defense in depth program. Threatcare can help you fine-tune your cybersecurity stack to anticipate and prevent SSN exfiltration, ensuring peace of mind. You have a right to know your data is secure.