Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Supply chain cybersecurity poses a unique risk. Supply chain security is about focusing on potential risks associated with with an organization’s suppliers of goods and services. Many of these suppliers often have extensive access to resources and assets within the enterprise environment or to an organization’s customer environments that may be sensitive in nature.

Sophisticated attackers are willing to use any means necessary to compromise a system, and third-party suppliers and vendors may have fewer security controls in place than host organizations, making them easier targets. Once these system are compromised, attackers can leverage these vendors’ access as an ingress point, threatening the entire network.

Threatcare helps mitigate risk by providing visibility into potential vulnerabilities. Our cloud-based simulations create a real-world hacking scenario and help vendors discover the types of risks that could compromise security for the chain. Both firms and their vendors have a right to know they are secure. We offer proactive cyber defense to help achieve that goal.

A supply chain breach could occur in numerous ways. For example, an attacker can steal a vendor’s credentials that grant remote access to an enterprise the vendor works with, leading to infiltration of the enterprise network from an already trusted source.

Despite the growing threat and evidence surrounding the supply chain attack vector, there are few specific compliance mandates addressing third parties, although third-party risk is usually implicated in a number of other areas—for example, vendor due diligence, risk management and contract requirements.

At the end of the day, it helps to verify controls – at every stage in the supply chain. Companies have the right to know if they are protected at all times. Don’t have your organization fall victim to attackers by verifying security is properly in place with Threatcare.

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