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Technology Industry Cybersecurity

In recent months, tens of thousands of computers were hit with WannaCry ransomware, which was so pervasive that it shut down a large portion of the British National Health Service’s hospitals. This forced doctors to cancel surgeries and turn away ambulances, among other things. No industry is safe, and many are behind in their security. This includes technology industry cybersecurity.

Information systems belonging to major corporations, financial institutions, E-commerce sites, online retailers, health care providers and government databases are inundated with hacking attempts and other forms of cyber attacks.

Threatcare, the leader in proactive cyber defense, believes that organizations have a right to know if they are at risk. The Threatcare Suite enables companies to validate their cybersecurity through breach and attack simulations (BAS Technology). Companies no longer have to “guess” if they’re protected.

Since much of the modern world now depends primarily on the Internet to function, cybersecurity has become a major industry in and of itself. But with all of the successful attacks, one might think that the industry isn’t doing a very good job.

The fact is, stopping cyber crime is much like sticking your finger into a leaky dike; you plug one hole (or implement one security patch) and another leak springs up (another hacker finds a way into your system).

That’s why information security systems need to constantly be tested, and the best way to do this is through hacker simulation.

Threatcare’s hacker simulation allows cybersecurity companies and other technology firms to conduct real-world threat assessments, testing for malware, research and development and simulated threats that provide firms with vulnerabilities in a controlled environment — so they can be addressed helping to enhance security. Threatcare enables companies to understand, clearly, if they are protected or not.

Electronic storage of data isn’t going away, and neither are threats to data security. It’s time to take the protection of your IT systems much more seriously.