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Threatcare Announces Incident Response

Austin, Texas (May 7, 2019) – Austin-based cybersecurity software company, Threatcare, will now offer incident response services for companies that have recently experienced a data breach. Threatcare has built a reputation over the last four years creating Breach and Attack Simulation software that mimics hackers on enterprise networks, which has allowed the company to gain unique insight into how a hacker breaks into and exploits an organization’s network.

“I helped the NSA build out their incident response team, and we’ll now leverage that expertise at Threatcare to help companies that have recently been breached get secure and stay secure,” says Marcus Carey, founder & CEO of Threatcare. “What we’ve learned over the last four years is that organizations struggle to monitor themselves before and after a data breach, and many aren’t prepared to respond after an attack.”

An iSense Solutions survey showed that 74% of companies that experienced a data breach don’t know how it happened. Additionally, 80 percent of IT business leaders expect a critical data breach in 2019, according to a survey conducted by The Ponemon Institute. Threatcare will help your team get up and running after a breach faster, working side-by-side with your team to pinpoint, contain, and repair any damage.

“When we reached out to Threatcare, we had Russian hackers on our network and our critical systems were down due to ransomware. It turns out that our Managed Service Provider misconfigured our VPN, allowing access to hackers. In a single day, Threatcare diagnosed and fixed the issue, working with us to update our misconfigured Firewall, remove the hackers from our network, and restore our systems. Without Threatcare’s expertise, I’m not sure where we’d be.” –Tom, Operations Manager. Who wishes to stay anonymous.

About Threatcare

Threatcare helps companies get secure and stay secure. Threatcare’s solutions combine proactive software, holistic procedures, and cybersecurity experts to provide improved protection and visibility across the enterprise. Think you’ve been breached? Call (833) 365-CARE or visit today.

Threatcare works with organizations of all sizes take the necessary steps before they’re impacted by a breach.