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Tribe of Hackers

Tribe of Hackers is a collection of industry, career, and personal insights from 70 cybersecurity luminaries.

These are the wisdom and perspectives of real-life hackers and cybersecurity practitioners, including David Kennedy, Wendy Nather, Lesley Carhart, and Bruce Potter.

There are already hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals and according to some sources, there is a shortage of several more hundreds of thousands. Tribe of Hackers wants to change that.

  • What tips do the founders of Dragos, Inc. and Duo Security have on starting a company?
  • Do you need a college degree or certification to be a cybersecurity professional?
  • What is the biggest bang-for-the-buck action your organization can take to improve its cybersecurity posture?
  • What “life hacks” do real hackers use to make their own lives easier?
  • What resources can women in cybersecurity utilize to maximize their potential?

We can’t wait to show you the most epic cybersecurity thought leadership collaborative effort, ever.

All proceeds from the book will go towards Bunker Labs, Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Rainforest Partnership, and Start-Up! Kid’s Club.

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Tribe of Hackers Artwork
Marcus Carey

Marcus Carey

Marcus is renowned in the cybersecurity industry and has spent his more than 20-year career working in penetration testing, incident response, and digital forensics with federal agencies such as NSA, DC3, DIA, and DARPA. He started his career in cryptography in the U.S. Navy and holds a Master’s degree in Network Security from Capitol College. Marcus regularly speaks at security conferences across the country. He is passionate about giving back to the community through things like mentorship, hackathons, and speaking engagements, and is a voracious reader in his spare time. Tribe of Hackers is his first published book, but will definitely not be his last.

Twitter: @marcusjcarey

Jennifer Jin

Jennifer was raised in Dallas, TX before graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Communication Studies. As Threatcare’s Head of Communications, she ensures all departments are running smoothly and efficiently, while also owning event planning, content marketing, and customer support. Jennifer satisfies her undying curiosity by dabbling in photography and modeling, playing and streaming PC games, and traveling to new countries. She volunteers regularly for Rainforest Partnership with marketing and events, and serves on alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc.’s National Board as Southwestern Governor. She knew nothing about self-publishing before Tribe of Hackers, and is eternally grateful to have been hired to work at Threatcare with no prior cybersecurity experience.

Twitter: @jen_jin


Tribe of Hackers Summit

Fan of Tribe of Hackers? Come to Capital Factory on May 2nd to meet passionate learners and cybersecurity leaders. We will have tacos. Get your registration and answers to FAQs here.