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Tribe of Hackers Emily Crose

Tribe of Hackers Spotlight: Emily Crose

Emily Crose is a network security professional and researcher whose career spans nine years. She has worked in both offensive and defensive security roles, including time spent with both the NSA and CIA.

Currently, she works for IronNet Cybersecurity. When she’s not caring for her wife and children, she directs the NEMESIS project and finds threats to the openness and safety of the internet for fun in addition to profit.

Twitter: @hexadecim8


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How did you get started in the cybersecurity field, and what advice would you give to a beginner pursuing a career in cybersecurity?

Take the time to learn the basics, and learn them well. You’ll always return to them, and with a solid grasp of the basics, you will stand out in interviews later in your career. One of the primary complaints I hear from hiring managers is that they can’t find anyone who has a solid foundation in networking. Don’t be the candidate who can’t expand on the 7 layers of OSI.


What is your specialty in cybersecurity? How can others gain expertise in your specialty?

The thing I’m probably best at is hunt methodology. The most valuable advice I have for people trying to improve their skill in this area is to seek tools that will help them pivot information; both internally sourced and externally sourced. Building internal tools like a working and effective passive DNS system will pay huge dividends in the long run once you’re able to get them up and running. Open source intelligence (OSINT) skills help greatly in this part of the field, and new tools are always emerging.


What qualities do you believe all highly successful cybersecurity professionals share?

Resourcefulness. Using whatever you have at your disposal to get access to a restricted area, fixing a problem on the fly, or getting an answer to something against all odds are all necessary skills to have in InfoSec.

Most people acquire that last one by living through IT support.


What is a life hack that you’d like to share?

Never use Comic Sans font on anything public enough to embarrass you professionally.



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