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Tribe of Hackers Summit on May 2

On May 2, 2019, students, professionals, and hobbyists in InfoSec will gather at the Capital Factory for the first-ever Tribe of Hackers Summit.

Attendance to the event is strictly limited to people with a burning curiosity to learn and a passion for cybersecurity.

I’m listening…

This full-day event will feature short TED-style talks to engage attendees with topics that contributors are passionate about.

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Who’s coming?

Our goal is to bring people together to learn, network, and build relationships. Whether you’re seeking a job, trying to learn more about the cybersecurity, or a seasoned hacker, you’ll definitely learn valuable takeaways from our amazing list of speakers.

Who’s speaking?

We have an incredible list of speakers that hail from the Threatcare team or were direct contributors to the book. This isn’t even the final list, so be sure to keep an eye out on our event page for updates!

  • Keirsten Brager
  • Marcus Carey
  • Lesley Carhart
  • Ian Coldwater
  • Jeffrey Man
  • Brandon Perry
  • Jennifer Savage
  • Jayson E. Street
  • Georgia Weidman
  • Jake Williams

It might be a good idea to bring your copy of the book. We don’t know when we’ll see this many Tribe of Hackers under the same roof!

If you don’t have a copy of the book yet, feel free to buy a signed copy during your checkout on Eventbrite.

What’s next?

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about the event.

We hope to see you in Austin in May!

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