Violet: Virtual Cybersecurity Professional

Note: This is an archived page. Violet is now the Threatcare Suite

Violet: The World’s First Virtual Cybersecurity Professional

Threatcare has released the Violet platform. Violet is the world’s first virtual purple team professional, offering continuous reconnaissance to give an attacker’s view of an organization. Violet combines Red Team and Blue Team activities, forming a “Purple Team” — which is where the Violet name comes from. Violet enables users to validate their defense in depth through breach and attack simulations.

Violet isn’t just a virtual Purple Team, Violet also has machine learning and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) abilities — which has early adopters referring to Violet as the “Alexa for Security.”

Violet doesn’t just enable benign intrusion simulations (and security stack testing), Violet also partakes in external attack surface assessments and discovers rogue internet facing assets.

Violet’s capabilities include data exfiltration, malware beaconing, DNS tunneling, antivirus assessment, lateral scans, egress scans, executable transfers, perimeter scans, DNS enumeration (DNS brute forcing), network reconnaissance, OSINT (open source intelligence), regression testing, tabletop exercises, gap analysis and all encompassing defense in depth.

Red Team and Blue Team Playbooks are pre-built into Violet, categorized by specific industry solutions. If security professionals don’t want to use a pre-packaged Playbook, they can customize intrusion simulations themselves by easily dragging and dropping countless simulation options while saving them to their account.

Violet is the leader in security software testing. Vendors use Violet to upsell their products, taking Proof of concepts (POCs) from weeks to hours while gaining the ability to prove their software actually works — in real time.

Violet continuously verifies that organization’s security controls are working; the slightest change in a system can render a network vulnerable. Violet supports current security staff by being an extra member of the team, and enhances IT staff whose roles are expanding into security.

Red Team Pentesters only use 1-2 attack vectors and exfiltration vectors. Violet is all encompassing, all the time. After a Penetration test many organizations may not patch negative results properly — and not know that they are vulnerable until the next quarterly or yearly penetration test. Violet helps organizations with their gap analysis — enabling them to no longer just guess that they’re protected.

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