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Violet: The World’s First Virtual Cybersecurity Professional

(Threatcare) At Threatcare, we’ve talked to thousands of companies across countless verticals as we’ve worked to develop and refine our sales process — financial services, healthcare, technology, consulting, government. There are a few pain points and frustrations we’ve heard consistently throughout our conversations with cybersecurity experts: (1) there’s currently no reliable way to test security tools, (2) the industry is facing an extreme talent shortage, and (3) proof-of-concepts (POCs) are extremely time consuming and expensive. Based on those conversations, along with insight I’ve gained after 20+ years working in the cybersecurity industry, we built Violet, the world’s first virtual cybersecurity professional.

Organizations are struggling to backfill cybersecurity positions due to a growing lack of supply. In fact, some sources estimate that the shortage of cybersecurity professionals will surpass 3.5 million by 2021. Additionally, employee turnover is becoming increasingly expensive, ranging anywhere from a few tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5–2 times an employee’s annual salary. So not only is it extremely costly to have positions remain unfilled, but having employees leave the organization comes with its own financial burdens.

In our discussions with current and potential Threatcare customers, we’ve heard stories similar to this one on numerous occasions: the Director of Cybersecurity at a large, online payment company had a position open for an entry-level Cybersecurity Analyst during our first conversation. Nine months later, during another conversation, the position was still unfilled. From the organization’s perspective, all of their prospects had been grossly over/under qualified for the position. This individual, along with many others we’ve talked to, are actively feeling the pains of not having the security personnel they need, and their organization’s security posture is suffering as a result.

That’s where Violet comes in. Violet helps organizations bridge the gap between a lack of time and a lack of qualified cybersecurity personnel. Violet provides a simple, inexpensive way to add up to six different cybersecurity positions to your security team, expanding the capabilities of your current personnel. For organizations that need additional personnel coverage or support verifying their security tools, Violet can help. And for small businesses that have a limited cybersecurity budget, Violet gives them cybersecurity capabilities typically reserved for an enterprise-level organization.

Organizations don’t just use Violet to test the security of their network, but vendors also use Violet to enable quick pre-sale validations. Vendors use Violet to upsell their products, taking proof-of-concepts (POCs) from weeks to hours while gaining the ability to prove their software actually works in real time.

Threatcare is the leader in proactive cyber defense. Threatcare’s Violet platform allows organizations to discover and mitigate risk — because everyone has a right to know if their network is secure. 
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