Threatcare simplifies product evaluations, security controls monitoring, carrying out on-demand simulations, and training security staff.

Product Evaluation

It’s challenging for an organization to pick the right security controls for its network. Threatcare helps you verify that solutions from potential vendors are effective on your network. Additionally, you can confirm that they integrate well with the solutions you already have.

Continuous Cybersecurity Controls Monitoring

Unfortunately, we can’t set it and forget it when it comes to cybersecurity tools. Cybersecurity controls coverage and visibility changes daily and is affected by network, system, and configuration changes. Our customers use Threatcare dashboard notifications to continuously monitor their cybersecurity posture.

On-demand simulations

Our customers use the Threatcare platform to validate that new system, network, and configuration changes don’t adversely affect the visibility of their tools. Our on-demand simulations are easy to perform, safe, and give you instant feedback on your cybersecurity posture.


Security operations staff are usually thrown into the fire and have few resources to train in their network environment. Typically, security professionals are trained off-site using tools not included on their network. Our customers use the Threatcare platform to safely train incident responders and network forensic practitioners in their environment.

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