Secure more faster.

Perform intrusion simulations to continuously fine-tune and audit your cybersecurity stack.

Secure Smarter

Simulation-driven security allows you to test cybersecurity controls without adding the risk of traditional penetration testing tools.

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Secure Faster

Intrusion simulations allow your team to respond to breaches, deploy new products, and fix misconfigurations faster.

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Secure Stronger

Continuously diagnose issues in your cybersecurity program to make your organization more resilient to attacks.

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Know Your Network Is Secure

Protect your organization and customer data

45 Billion Dollars
Hacking Costs Annually
4 Billion Dollars
2016 Hacked CC Fraud
112 Million Medical Records
Stolen in 2015
4 Billion Data Records
Stolen in 2016

The only cloud-based hacker simulation software on the market

Your own virtual red team

Threatcare runs a threat simulation on your system(s), playing the role of a hacker.

No hardware required

Threatcare is the only cloud-based malicious intrusion simulator on the market.

Easily generate reports

Reports are quickly generated, informing the user of vulnerabilities that must be addressed to maintain a proper level of security.

Powerful, efficient and effective

Threat simulation testing should be a standard practice at companies of all sizes in addition to current IT employees.

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