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Antivirus Assessment

An antivirus assessment identifies gaps in protection within an existing antivirus software. A virus is a malicious computer program designed to damage or extract information from a host. Introduced at the host level, it can spread and infect other machines in the network. Effectiveness of an antivirus software is typically defined by its ability to detect and destroy identified threats, and new threats as they arise. This is called coverage. As the system’s gatekeeper, an antivirus software protects systems from potential threats and destroys identified threats. A properly conducted antivirus assessment provides the vital information needed to find the most appropriate solution specific to your cybersecurity needs.

Threatcare offers vulnerability assessments as a feature within Threatcare, which can be used to help companies understand where they are at risk. An antivirus assessment is one of many augmented tasks Threatcare can offer. Threatcare believes these assessments should be a regular practice for every company. For more advanced needs, Threatcare also offers strategic services.

Multiple Layers of Protection

Antivirus assessments offer a periodic gauge. A key idea behind defense in depth is that you need layers of protection, because you are only as strong as your weakest link. No matter how well you do at every single other facet of security, a single point of failure is enough to bring everything down. Because there are so many potential attackers with such a wide and continually evolving set of methods, there is no magic bullet for protecting a network.

Defense in depth accounts for this complexity by introducing layers to your security strategy; you need to implement methods that complement each other — and test them — in order to stay ahead of the curve. For these reasons, antivirus assessments are a smart addition to your strategy. In the final analysis, you have the right to know if you are protected. Consider adding Threatcare Breach and Attack Simulations to your cybersecurity program.

Threatcare creates Breach and Attack Simulation software for humans.