Hollywood under hacker control: What can they do to protect themselves?

(Threatcare) After leaking a stream of unreleased TV programs, the hacker group known as “The Dark Overlord” has an ominous message for show business: “Hollywood is under attack.”

Reports indicate that the hacking collective wrote a message to The Hollywood Reporter to take credit for their misdeeds, and to make it known that they are in this for the money. “We’re not in the business to scare anyone. We’re in the business of earning vast amounts of Internet money,” the hackers purportedly said.

The same group leaked 10 full episodes from the fifth season of Netflix’s popular series about a women’s prison, Orange Is The New Black. But their latest claim to fame is their early releasing of eight episodes of the new reality TV series Funderdome, which was set to debut on ABC in early June.

The Dark Overlord collective claims that they have plenty of other unreleased TV show episodes and moves, from the likes of IFC, National Geographic and others.

While some companies like Netflix have refused to meet the hacking collective’s demands and pay up the ransom, its suspected that many media companies have paid handsomely to keep their unreleased recordings under wraps.

“Bit for bit Hollywood data is the most expensive on the planet,” Marcus J. Carey, the founder of Threatcare notes. “Hollywood is affected by the core tenants of cybersecurity which is confidentiality, availability and integrity,” he added.

Carey explains that Hollywood is especially vulnerable to hackers, due to how valuable their content is and how easy it can be for a good hacker to obtain it. “Hackers can affect the confidentiality by hacking movies, the availability and integrity by encrypting it. Studios should have an air gap. Their productions should not be available through the internet,” Carey says.

The Dark Overlord is just the beginning; while they are perhaps one of the most well-known and ruthless hacking groups out there, it is almost certain there will be others just like them. Hacking is growing industry too, and it’s up to cyber security professionals to be one step ahead to keep threats at bay.

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